Magnetic hanger in solid pine

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The magnetic hanger in solid pine is designed to hang posters (papers, fabrics or light fabrics) on the wall! It allows to interchange art-prints. It works like a clamp for framing art at the top and bottom without causing damage!

You can choose an art-print in our online store that fit with the size of the hanger (in inches)*

The hanger includes 4 solid pine sticks stained and varnished (0.7" X 0.3"X différent lengths) with neodymium magnets inserted and a string slipped into 2 slots to hang on the wall with a small nail. Made in Canada (with domestic and imported parts) in our facilities.

  • Several colors are available to harmonize with the colors of the images: antique, black, forest green, wine red or personalized on request
  • The "not stained, not varnished" option is also available and less expensive!

Contact us for custom colors and sizes!