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Fabric & solid pine wood mounting kit

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Our products: Art-prints on fabric & Solid pine wood hangers

Art-prints only

Images printed on a coated, durable & anti-curl fabric. The art-print will remain flat on your walls with either mounting adhesive or other solid pine options!

Art-prints & mounting wood

A 2 in 1 ready to hang on the wall, elegance guaranteed! 2 solid pine sticks (stained and varnished) attached to the art-print (top & bottom) with a string inserted.

Art-prints + Magnetic hanger

Allow to interchange art-prints. 4 solid pine sticks (stained and varnished) with neodymium magnets enclosed and a string inserted. Works like a clamp for framing art at the top and bottom

The Fabric...roll up, take away & install

Flexible and light, the fabric will remain flat on the walls

High resolution, sharp details, vibrant colors

Magnetic hanger, red solid pine

Colors : antique, coal-brown, red, green, blue, black

Solid pine

Magnetic hanger, solid pine

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TRAMWAY (Pacifique) is a restorer, editor and printer of illustrations reproduced from original artworks. Our images are in very high resolution with sharp details and vibrant colors. We also work with solid pine! Editing, printing, cutting art-print and manufacturing solid pine hangers are executed in our facilities in Canada!